About APRA

Afghanistan Postal Regulatory Authority ( APRA ) as a policy maker and inspector as postal regulatory Authority serving for more than a decade in MCIT framework. APRA provide legal cooperation for postal service providers and customers and encourage investment with legal framework in postal sector. Monitoring and evaluation of the postal service providers is the main goals and objectives to assure that the people access to reliable postal service, however the new technology is become a life element  but we cannot forget the role of postal service which based on physical delivery.

Postal sector in Afghanistan with the history of more than 150 years faced with lots of challenges and treats during the period of time.   

Main while beside the Afghan Post  as  designated operator ( DO ) 10 private postal service courier providing postal services  around the country like postal courier and postal express services, passport delivery, visa collection service ,process of the educational documents and more.


Providing legal framework for realistic, effective, quality and safe services that take into account the needs of society and lead to the development of the country's social economy.


Development of postal network for access to services, contribution of small and medium industries to access national and international markets for economic growth.